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Dome CCTV Cameras are more popular and it fits for Indoor & Outdoor. And it can Access 360 degree view. Installing it is easier than any other surveillance product.

Bullet CCTV

Bullet CCTV Cameras is a very tough machine which is capable of doing rough things. Most of the customers install bullet cctv outdoor. It can withstand any climate heat & cold.

​Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ)

We personally recommend PTZ because of the technology it has. PTZ is totally dynamic where the security guard has the total control to turn right, left, upwards & downwards as well.

C Mount CCTV

C Mount Camera holders bought it for the purpose that this machine has the capabilities to change the lenses at any time, special lenses have the capability to cover 40 – 50 feet.


Biometrics is a technology used to identify, analyze, and measure an individual’s physical and behavioral characteristics. Its allows the recognition of a certain characteristic of an individual.

​Coffee Vending Machine

​Coffee Vending Machine having two types. Two Option Machine can contain Tea and Coffee. Four Option Machine can contain Tea, Coffee, Milk and Lemon Tea.

Our Top Product

Technologize your call center with classy, rich software solutions. ZHAWK Technologies is a modular and flexible world-class contact center solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing voice and data systems – TDM/ PRI/GSM/VOIP.
With its unique features this software ensure Investment Protection for your business.

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